Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Canadian Flag Collage series

melody for Canada

unsaid feelings

slow and diffident words

broken rhythms
From April 10, 2006

My life story and my art are all mixed up together. My life is a constant source of inspiration. My favourite subject in other artists and writers has always been the human being. How we humans gaze at the world as children, how we mature, fall in love, deal with other humans, how we age.

I observe what’s happening around me and I think about it. I think about my reaction to life, and then I make art about what I think. Sometimes I make paintings, but most of the time, I make quilt-like things. 


  1. That last paragraph - YES! Well, the first paragraph elicits a YES!, too. Life story is art is observation is response is thinking is response is reaction is quilt-like things. Yes, absolutely.

    1. Thanks Jeanne.
      I've been doing this kind of responding for so long - You too. x