Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sonnet XIV

Sonnet XIV  1998  79" w x 89" h   A quilt made to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary
The front of the piece includes text by Margaret Atwood.
From September 9 2006

Many people ask me if I feel isolated.  I usually answer 'yes', because Manitoulin island is so far away from larger centers in Canada and we live very privately here.  However, I don't think isolation is necessarily a bad thing for an artist.  I really do love solitude.  I'm reassured to read Nancy Crow's comments about being alone.  "I like it.  I love it.  I love being by myself.  I happen to believe that the more solitude you have, the more you're able to delve inside and find those rich levels of ability that are fresh.  Otherwise you're allowing all this chattering constantly coming at you and you can never reach that part of yourself."  

The reverse of Sonnet XIV  1998.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnet XIV is quoted
one of the sonnets she wrote for her husband Robert Browning
From September 11 2006

I make two sided cloth wall pieces that are large enough to cover two persons.  Thousands of hand stitches are used not only to quilt the layers together, but also to embellish the work with embroidery.
Production is slow and I finish about two a year.  I am currently exploring the metaphor of the quilt as a protective covering.


  1. Lovely bright vivd color and words and thoughts enrich. Not enough hours in the day to do it all; I adore the idea of "thousands of hand stitches...to quilt the layers together...(and)embellish the work with embroidery." Wow, I hadn't thought of that dual purpose! You gave me an idea! I've quietly (and joyfully!) followed your work for a couple of years now,and this really nudged me to thank you. Your place is serene and contemplative, and I always am refreshed by visits there. Thank you! <3

    1. How beautiful and generous is this comment. Thank you xo