Monday, April 25, 2016

wedding dress series

I looked in the Mirror and said: "you're fine".  
 From November 2006

It is almost impossible to find an illustration of a Canadian artist's work in an art history book.

I managed to find eleven women artists' names in the index of Norbert Lynton's The Story of Modern Art and many more than that in H H Arnason's History of Modern Art. However, Arnason only listed two Canadians,(Jack Bush and Agnes Martin) while Lynton only listed one (Agnes Martin).

Agnes Martin (no relation) moved to the states when she was twenty but she was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in Vancouver so Canada claims her.
bridal arrmour  rubbing

silver wedding  rubbing
From December 2006

In November, I complained that it was near to impossible to find any images of Canadian artists in art history books. This comment was in reference to Linda Nochlin's famous question "Why have there been no great women artists?" Let it be known that there are Canadian artists, and one of the great ones is Joyce Wieland.  

Joyce Wieland (1931-1998) continues to inspire me because the subject matter and choice of media in her artwork celebrates being female. She has a quilt in the national gallery of Canada. 
seed pod  ink

wedding dress series: seed pod ink on paper, red thread was couched on in 2008

vulnerable  ink and wax
From January 2007

Women artists are not outside of history or culture.
Women artists just occupy and speak from a different position.
This position is essential to the meaning of western culture
more vulnerable  ink and wax

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